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Family Caregivers Receive Respite with Overhead Patient Lift for Home Care

The Titan 500 is a freestanding overhead patient lift designed for home health care. It is a complete lift system and comes with the freestanding frame, 8 foot long overhead beam, rechargeable electric lift motor, four-point lift bar, remote control, battery charger and a universal sling, with 4 sizes to choose from.

The Titan 500 does not attach to the structure of the home and allows a single caregiver to safely transfer a loved one without the stress and strain of a floor-based lift. The only real maintenance required is keeping the batteries charged and maintaining a straight lift strap to avoid twists and folds.

Each piece of the system is designed to lift up to 500 pounds. We have several safety systems built in to the lift. These include a belt travel limiter to prevent the belt from completely unspooling, a safety stop switch to keep the belt from winding all the way up into the motor unit and an electric emergency down system.

The Titan 500 ships freight and arrives in a lar…

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