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Improving The Quality Of Life For Home Health Care Patients And Family Caregivers

When it comes to individual care within the household, a bedroom is most often chosen as the primary care setting.  Average room size is limited, usually less than 12 foot by 12 foot in total.  With a bed and multiple pieces of furniture, the amount of space needed to properly maneuver the standard manual floor lift is extremely limited at best. Traxx Mobility Systems is lifting the standard of home care with the Titan 500, a freestanding overhead patient lift system. The Titan 500 is an affordable alternative for compassionate home health care. Caregivers can have complete confidence when moving your loved one from bed to wheelchair and back again.
Traxx Mobility Systems improves the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility and their family caregivers. The Titan 500 is safe, reliable and extremely affordable. Due to its unique design, caregivers can lift and transfer their loved ones with ease, comfort and security without the physical strains of manual lifting or tradi…

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Improving The Quality Of Life For Home Health Care Patients And Family Caregivers

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