Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift for Home Health Care

The Titan 500 Patient Lift System is a freestanding 2-Post track system and comes complete with frame, lift motor, rechargeable battery, remote control, 4 point lift bar and sling. Unlike many competitors, it’s a complete unit, with no additional item purchases required. A selection of sling sizes is available.

The Traxx Titan 500 Patient Lift is made of strong, durable aluminum. Its innovative four point lift bar securely lifts a patient to 500 pounds. The soft padded sling is easily positioned for lifting patients and the hand held remote is easy to operate and safe near water.

When it comes to individual care within the household, a bedroom is most often chosen as the primary care setting. Average room size is limited, usually less than 12’ x 12’ in total. With a bed and multiple pieces of furniture, the amount of space needed to maneuver the standard manual floor lift is extremely limited at best.

Easily installed in any room in just minutes, the Titan 500 is freestanding; there is no need to attach to walls or ceilings.  The lift motor is battery operated and runs for days after a power loss, and is easily recharged. The high strength aluminum frame can support up to 500 lbs and with the satin anodized finish makes it easy to clean and the sling is machine washable and quick drying.

Battery charge level is directly related to the number of lifts and patient’s weight. The battery charger can be left on overnight and will automatically shut off when battery is complete. Indicator light on charger glows red when charging, yellow when maintaining charging level and green when fully charged. 

The ergonomic sling design combines strategically placed padding and adjustable strap attachment to a four point lift bar ensuring a stable, secure and comfortable experience while be lifted or transferred.

The Titan 500 Patient Lift includes standard:
  • Frame
  • Lift Motor
  • One Universal Sling
  • Lift Bar
  • Remote Control
  • Batteries w/ Recharger
  • Standard 8’ Length

Please choose from the standard 8’ beam, for an upcharge you can choose the extended beam lengths of 10’ and 12’ depending on the width of your bed. Locking casters are optional (set of four) at a nominal charge.

Assembly for one person takes under 30 minutes, using two people to lift the motor greatly reduces this time and effort.

Universal Slings are offered in the sizes below. Replacement slings are available individually. 

  • Small – Yellow Binding: Patient weight 50-100 lbs.
  • Medium – Blue Binding: Patient weight 100-200 lbs.
  • Large – Red Binding: Patient weight 200-300 lbs.
  • Extra-Large – Black Binding: Patient weight 300-450lbs.

All Units are under a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.  All lifts ship in less than 7 business days and shipping is free.

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