Walkable Neighborhoods Ain’t Just for Millennials

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Many believe walkable neighborhoods are just a millennial generation fad. Our recent survey says otherwise. Most senior living consumers, even those looking for assisted living, factor a car-optional lifestyle into their decision about where to move. Our results have major implications for senior living providers, urban planners, land developers, and families searching for senior living.

Why Walkable Neighborhoods Should Matter to Seniors

It would make sense if seniors wanted to live where they are close to everything. Walkable neighborhoods might be good for their health. A recent World Health Organization report reviews evidence that simply living near a public park is good for cardiovascular and mental health, especially for older adults. Researchers at Duke University showed that seniors with mobility issues are more independent in neighborhoods with a greater diversity of services.

These are reasons walkable neighborhoods should matter to seniors, but how much does it actually influence their decision about where to live?

Walkable Neighborhoods Matter to Seniors

Between 80 and 90% of independent living and senior apartments consumers prefer walkable neighborhoods. 66% of assisted living consumers do, too.

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