Older Adults Desire Independence As They Age In Place

     Investing in home modifications and home medical equipment can help those living with chronic disease or disability save money and avoid the nursing home.  With a little help, home care patients can age in place, saving thousands on long-term care.  Start small by removing fall hazards like throw rugs and opening up access around furniture. Adding handrails in bathrooms and staircases can also provide peace of mind as you age.  You may also want to review how you store things in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to make everyday items more accessible.

     There are many reasons to remain in your home as you age.   Financial benefits, social and community connections, familiarity and  accessibility to resources are among many of the motivating factors to age in place. Aging in place may include downsizing to a smaller space or finding a more walkable community to live. Technology has also created more independence for older adults.  These include security and staying in touch with loved ones, package delivery and transportation as well as entertainment and leisure.

     If additional changes are needed as you age, many mobility products are available for the home now.  Lift chairs in the living room can help you stand up.  In the bathroom, risers and supports can be added to the toilet.  For those requiring additional assistance, there is more advanced equipment available to aid mobility. Wheelchair ramps, stair lifts and patient lifts can be added to the home and easily pay for themselves after just a few months home and out of the nursing home.  While it takes a little more planning and spending, remaining in your home can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Titan 500 is a patient lift that is designed for the confines and limitations of home health care and aging in place.  Traditional Hoyer lifts are difficult to operate in the home due to the tight spaces and the presence of carpeting in most bedrooms.  The freestanding frame does not attach to the home and can fit in any bedroom.  An overhead lift can also provide a more comfortable and dignified transfer for the patient.  It also protects family caregivers from injury while increasing their transfer efficiency allowing the patient to be active and more independent and gets you ready for in home care.

For more information on the Titan 500, visit our website, find us on Facebook and watch our YouTube channel.  The Titan 500 was designed by a service-disabled veteran and is Proudly Made in the USA.


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